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◼︎ Amsterdam Growing Over Time
◼︎ Housing Plans
◼︎ Map of Maps
◼︎ OldAms
◼︎ Property Value Tax
◼︎ Roboat: A Summer Day in Amsterdam’s Canals
◼︎ Trees
◼︎ What’s in a streetname?


◼︎ ATLMaps


◼︎ atNight
◼︎ Barcelona Dynamics
◼︎ BCN Map: street, facilities
◼︎ Big Time BCN
◼︎ Carta Arqueológica de Barcelona
◼︎ Carta Histórica de Barcelona
◼︎ General Theory of Urbanization
◼︎ Geographies of Innovation in the metropolitan area of Barcelona
◼︎ Internal Migration in the City of Barcelona during 2016
◼︎ Mapa Literari ◼︎ Mapa Literario
◼︎ Traces


◼︎ Berlin Besetzt
◼︎ The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later
◼︎ HistoMapBerlin
◼︎ Virtual time travels into the past of Berlin  ◼︎ 8 virtuelle Zeitreisen in die Vergangenheit Berlins
◼︎ Wo die Berliner Mieten für Sie noch bezahlbar sind


◼︎ Borneo Atlas


◼︎ Boston 3-1-1 Incident Reports
◼︎ Boston 3D Buildings

Buenos Aires

◼︎ History of the Buenos Aires Subte, 1913-2013


◼︎ California’s best midcentury motels, mapped
◼︎ Every Building's Wildfire Risk in California
◼︎ Mapped: Communal living in Southern California
◼︎ The neon sign maker that lit up California


◼︎ Chicago’s Loop: A New Walking Tour
◼︎ Interactive Canopy Map
◼︎ What Did Chicago Look Like Before the Great Fire?


◼︎ Exploring China's Burgeoning Highways


◼︎ Socioøkonomisk kort


◼︎ 2019 Dallas Murders Map


◼︎ Detroit Building Age


◼︎ Mapping Dubliners


◼︎ Edinburgh's Transport Story
◼︎ Edinburgh Tree Map
◼︎ Our Town Stories


◼︎ The City of Edmonton Building Age Map


◼︎ Radical Essex


◼︎ Jewish Places
◼︎ Streetscapes


◼︎ Glasgow Atlas
◼︎ Glasgow Health Map


◼︎ Vintage Greece


◼︎ Mapa del arbolado de Guadalajara


◼︎ Helsinki ennen


◼︎ Shoreline Sensitivity - Houston Texas

Israel & Palestine

◼︎ B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
◼︎ Conquer and Divide


◼︎ The Cultural Mapping Project: Fort Kochi - Mattancherry


◼︎ Migrācija Latvijā


◼︎ Ljubljana Building Ages


◼︎ The Agas Map of Early Modern London
◼︎ Charles Booth’s London
◼︎ Collage: The London Picture Map
◼︎ Colouring London
◼︎ John Snow's Map
◼︎ Locating London's Past
◼︎ London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory 2013 (LAEI): Greater London Annual Mean NO2 modelled concentrations for 2020 on a 20m grid.
◼︎ London Demographics Map Portal
◼︎ London Tree Canopy Cover
◼︎ The London Of Charles Dickens: Mapped
◼︎ Street Trees
◼︎ Tranquil Pavement London

Los Angeles

◼︎ 1984 Olympics: Mapping the LA venues that shaped the games
◼︎ The 20 most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, mapped
◼︎ 38 remarkable places to encounter public art in Los Angeles
◼︎ Age of Los Angeles
◼︎ The Case Study houses that made Los Angeles a modernist mecca
◼︎ Clean Streets Index
◼︎ The East LA blowouts of 1968, mapped
◼︎ Eve Babitz's guide to Los Angeles
◼︎ It’s the Point Break map of Los Angeles
◼︎ ‘L.A. Confidential’: The ultimate filming locations map
◼︎ LA’s 15 most glorious remaining Googies, mapped
◼︎ LA’s haunted landmarks and their ghost stories, mapped
◼︎ LA’s strange and wonderful lost amusement parks, mapped
◼︎ LA’s ultimate horror movie filming locations map
◼︎ 'La La Land:' The ultimate filming location map
◼︎ Literary Los Angeles
◼︎ The Magic Johnson map guide to Los Angeles
◼︎ Mapped: 26 of LA’s most notorious murders
◼︎ Mapped: LA’s last remaining Green Book locations
◼︎ Mapping a Mexican diaspora’s Southern Californian life
◼︎ Mapping LA’s Zoot Suit Riots
◼︎ Mapping Los Angeles's groundbreaking role in LGBT history
◼︎ Mapping Scientology’s impressive LA real estate empire
◼︎ Mapping the 1992 LA Uprising
◼︎ Mapping the Impacts of SB 827 in Los Angeles
◼︎ Mapping the jazz clubs that made Central Avenue swing
◼︎ The Martin Luther King Jr. map of Los Angeles
◼︎ Property Panel: A guide to publicly-owned properties in the City of Los Angeles
◼︎ ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ filming locations, mapped
◼︎ The Topography of Wealth in L.A.
◼︎ The ‘Twin Peaks’ Los Angeles filming locations map
◼︎ The ultimate ‘Chinatown’ filming location map of Los Angeles
◼︎ The Vin Scully Map Guide to Los Angeles
◼︎ The Walt Disney Guide to Los Angeles
◼︎ The weird roadside architecture of Los Angeles


◼︎ Trees of Madison


◼︎ Madrid Subway Complaints
◼︎ Touristification in Madrid


◼︎ Metro Manila Earthquake Hazard Susceptibility Map


◼︎ Flying to Hajj


◼︎ Melbourne 1945

Mexico City

◼︎ Mapa Interactivo de los Diez Días Trágicos


◼︎ Minnesota by Design


◼︎ Central Moscow Buildings Age
◼︎ How Old is this House
◼︎ The History of Moscow Housing


◼︎ Distribution of Large Mammals in Namibia


◼︎ Building Ages in the Netherlands

New York City

◼︎ 12 iconic landmarks from Miles Davis’s New York
◼︎ 20 best NYC subway cameos in pop culture
◼︎ 20 iconic ‘Sex and the City’ locations in NYC
◼︎ 80s NYC
◼︎ All The Buildings in Manhattan
◼︎ Birding by Subway
◼︎ The Bloomberg Years: Reshaping New York
◼︎ ‘Broad City’: NYC filming locations for Comedy Central’s hilarious hit
◼︎ Central Park: secrets of New York’s most famous park
◼︎ The Changing Shoreline of New York City
◼︎ The CitiBike Commute
◼︎ A Comprehensive Guide to New York City's Many Castles
◼︎ The definitive guide to ‘Home Alone 2’ filming locations in NYC
◼︎ I.M. Pei’s notable New York City buildings, mapped
◼︎ Interactive 1811 Plan
◼︎ Languages of NYC
◼︎ Literary Map of NYC
◼︎ Living Lots NYC
◼︎ Looking for Lead
◼︎ Manhattan Population Explorer
◼︎ Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer
◼︎ Mannahatta, 1609
◼︎ Mapping Every Single New York City Pedestrian Plaza
◼︎ Mapping New York City's Iconic Signs That Are No More
◼︎ Mapping NYC’s creepy abandoned hospitals and asylums
◼︎ Mapping Stanford White's Most Beautiful NYC Buildings
◼︎ Mapping The 1920s New York City Of The Great Gatsby
◼︎ Mapping the Bacteria in New York’s Subways
◼︎ Mapping the many gas stations lost to NYC’s development boom
◼︎ Mapping the Shadows of New York City: Every Building, Every Block
◼︎ The most famous residents of New York City's cemeteries
◼︎ Mr. Robot: Mapping the USA Series' NYC Filming Locations
◼︎ MTA interactive map
◼︎ New York City's spookiest, most haunted places
◼︎ New York’s unrealized Olympic dreams, mapped
◼︎ New York Construction
◼︎ NYC Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions
◼︎ NYC Foodiverse
◼︎ NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project
◼︎ NYC Pride: 24 historic LGBTQ sites to visit
◼︎ NYC Street Trees by Species
◼︎ NYC Subway Travel Time
◼︎ NYC's Century-Old Zoning Resolution Gave Rise to These Iconic Buildings
◼︎ NYC’s lost movie theaters, mapped
◼︎ NYC's PLUTO data, Visualized
◼︎ NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life
◼︎ NYChenge
◼︎ NYCommons: Who owns NYC's public spaces?
◼︎ OldNYC
◼︎ One Night on a Private Garbage Truck in New York City
◼︎ PathoMAP
◼︎ Place Matters ESRI Map
◼︎ Plague in Gotham!: Cholera in Nineteenth-Century New York. Points of interest on a modern map
◼︎ Prospect Park: secrets of Brooklyn’s beloved park
◼︎ The Roaring Twenties
◼︎ See where the labor movement took shape in New York City
◼︎ Spills in Brooklyn
◼︎ Taking Pride: 150 Years of LGBT History
◼︎ The Ultimate Ghostbusters Map Guide to New York City
◼︎ Urban Exposures
◼︎ Urban Layers: Explore the structure of Manhattan’s urban fabric
◼︎ Urban Reviewer: Mapping master plans for New York City
◼︎ Which Buildings in Manhattan Couldn’t Be Built Again Today?


◼︎ Papua Atlas


◼︎ Dans ma rue
◼︎ Eclairage
◼︎ Histoire du bâti Parisien
◼︎ Interactive map of the 1867 universal exhibition
◼︎ Live Metro
◼︎ Marathon
◼︎ Trafic parisien


◼︎ Phillytreemap


◼︎ PisaPool


◼︎ The Age of Greater Reykjavík

Rio de Janeiro

◼︎ imagineRio


◼︎ Views of Rome
◼︎ The Nolli Map Website

San Francisco

◼︎ 21 historic queer sites to visit in San Francisco
◼︎ History of SF Place Names
◼︎ How San Francisco streets got their names
◼︎ Racial Segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area
◼︎ What Did San Francisco Look Like in the Mid-1800s


◼︎ Clan Map of Scotland


◼︎ Gangnam Poop: Underworlds in Seoul


◼︎ On a little street in Singapore… A road map of history, culture and society
◼︎ Unparking


◼︎ ¿Cuál es la edad más habitual de tus vecinos? Descúbrelo barrio a barrio en este mapa
◼︎ El mapa de la renta de los españoles, calle a calle
◼︎ El mapa del resultado de las elecciones generales 2019, municipio a municipio
◼︎ IV Centenario de la Muerte de Cervantes
◼︎ Narrando Paisajes: 100 paisajes culturales de España


◼︎ Unequal Distribution of Income in Switzerland


◼︎ OldTo: Mapping historical photos
◼︎ Toronto Building Height
◼︎ Toronto Zoning By-Law Map


◼︎ Camera and Locomotive
◼︎ Changing the Food Chain / Cambiar la Cadena Alimentaria
◼︎ The Death and Rebirth of the Mall
◼︎ Election 2016 County Map
◼︎ Geography of Poverty: A journey through forgotten America
◼︎ Land art: A map of the nation’s most remote and beguiling public art
◼︎ Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America
◼︎ Mapping Police Violence
◼︎ Mapping Segregation (2015)
◼︎ Mapping the Yale Grammatical Diversity Project
◼︎ Migration in the United States, 2009 to 2013
◼︎ Racial Dot Map (2010 Census)
◼︎ Sulfur Dioxide Emitters - United States
◼︎ UFO Sightings Map
◼︎ Wind Map


◼︎ Cartografía de los bienes de la Guerra Civil


◼︎ Vancouver Zoning Map


◼︎ Mapping the Art & Architecture of Renaissance Venice


◼︎ Abadonded Islands
◼︎ An Atlas of Modern Risography
◼︎ Bird Migration: See How Birds Migrate Throughout the Western Hemisphere
◼︎ The Carbon Map
◼︎ Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
◼︎ The Earth, 19000 BC-3000 AD
◼︎ The Flow of International Trade
◼︎ The Flow towards Europe
◼︎ The History of Legislation & Regulations /
◼︎ Liminal Map
◼︎ Missing Profits
◼︎ Nukemap
◼︎ Panama Papers: Mapped
◼︎ Queering the Map
◼︎ The Refugee Project
◼︎ Treepedia
◼︎ World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index
◼︎ World Migration Map